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Exploring Little Harbour

The snug Little Harbour anchorage on Bahamas Abaco Island attracts cruising sailboats from near and far.

The snug Little Harbour anchorage attracts cruising sailboats from near and far.


For the landlubbers looking for more relaxed recreational opportunities on terra firma, there are multiple walking and biking options available. At the villa house is a map of several remote beaches easily accessed by foot.

Follow the Harbour Road around past the Foundry. Just before you reach North Beach, turn right onto a footpath, which leads up to the Lighthouse. This used to be a manned light, and the lighthouse keeper and his wife were the only inhabitants of Little Harbour. The house, now in ruins, is over 100 years old. The light now runs off solar power. If there is a big swell running, walk down to the cliff top in front of the lighthouse, where a blowhole known as the Dragon will be roaring and shooting out clouds of spray.

Bookies Beach
Follow the Back Road south until you reach a 2-story, pale blue house on a corner lot. Keep going straight. Take the next turn to the left, and follow it until you reach a set of gate posts. Turn left onto a footpath to Bookies Beach. The beach is all sand, over a mile long, good diving, good beachcombing.

Winding Bay Trail #1
From the south end of Bookies Beach, continue south on the moonrock (wear stout shoes or boots!) for approx. 20 minutes. You will pass one house on the way. Check out the "new" (since hurricane Floyd) rock bridge. When you reach a stand of casuarina pines, turn inland. Once over the barrier dune, head just to the left of a line of low cliffs. This will lead you to the start of a footpath over the ridge. You will end up at the very north end of Winding Bay beach.
For the intrepid explorer: Instead of turning inland at the casuarinas, continue south on very rough moonrock to Ocean Point, and the "old" rock bridge.

Winding Bay Trail #2
From the junction of Little Harbour Road and Cherokee Road, go left approx. 100 yds, past a driveway and a low swampy area. The trail starts in the middle of the first seagrape bush on your left. This trail winds through buttonwood marsh (check out the cycads), and along the foot of a ridge festooned with wild orchids and airplants. It comes out at the very north end of Winding Bay beach, close to Winding Bay Trail #1.

Winding Bay Trail #3
This is the easy one. From the junction of Little Harbour Road and Cherokee Road, go left approx. 1.8 miles. Turn left onto a sandy cart track leading down to the beach.

Underground Cave
Go approx. half a mile down Little Harbour Road. You'll have come to the bottom of the hill. Look for a rocky pool on your right, then a small cleared area on your left. Approx. 50 ft. past the clearing there is some yellow flagging on a tree on your left, marking a vague path. Follow the path 30 ft. back into the woods, to a hole in the ground. Crawl in. (Wear old clothes and take flashlights!) Inside, the cave opens up into a large chamber, complete with stalagmites and bats. For the intrepid explorer: At the back of the cave is a tunnel you can crawl up as far as you dare. Take a spare flashlight and fishing line so you won't get lost.

Ezra's Hut
From the back of the tennis court, follow a path out to the shore and then turn left along the beach. (Best to go at low tide). At the far end is the remains of Ezra's hut, and a good picnic and swimming beach.

Old Cay Road
From the junction of Little Harbour Road and Cherokee Road, turn right and go 1.1 miles, to the start of a series of curves. At the first curve to the left, look for a long black road-mending patch running diagonally across the right hand side of the road. Just before this patch, also on the right, is a footpath running out to the Bight of Old Robinson. This is one end of the Old Cay Road.
Go back to the patch in the road. Continue along the road approx. 50 ft. until you come to an open area on the left. Follow a series of small cairns across this area to a line of old fence posts. Alongside the fence posts you will find a drystone causeway running for over a mile across the mangrove flats and ending at a drystone jetty. In two places the causeway crosses a creek - there used to be wooden bridges there, but nowadays you have to jump the gap or wade across. Also check out the blue hole on the way. This causeway was built over 100 years ago by the British Government to service the Little Harbour lighthouse from Cherokee. A ferry boat was kept at each end of the road.

Kayak to Cherokee
Launch the kayak at the end of Little Harbour Road and follow Yellow Wood Creek to Cherokee. (1-2 hours each way). When in doubt, keep to the left. You need at least a half tide for this trip, and the tides in the creeks run approx. 3 hours later than Nassau.

Blue Holes
Many of these holes are only accessible by kayak at high tide. Some have lateral tunnels that extend for thousands of feet. Some are interconnected. Some "boil" on an incoming tide, as water is forced up through them. Many have fish and lobster in them. If you don't want to do all that kayaking, there is a pretty blue hole just down the road from you on Tom Curry's Point, on the west side of the road behind a cement and PVC gatepost.

PLEASE! take only photos, leave only footprints. Some of these trails are on private land. Some are used for hunting. Show respect for the environment and your fellow human beings.


Beach side pubs and restaurants offer island delicacies you won't find anywhere else. Enjoy!
Beach side pubs and restaurants offer island delicacies you won't find anywhere else. Enjoy! 
A nearby outdoor pub is a fun place to relax and visit. The local seafood is superb!

Open-aired pub on the beach with the best grouper and dolphin sandwiches in the islands.

Outdoor art and quaint little art galleries and shops are nearby and fun to visit.
Art and quaint little shops are nearby and fun to visit. This is the entrance to the foundry in Little Harbour
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